Developmental approvals is an integral part of any construction. We will provide you with comprehensive services from the beginning to the end of construction, in relation to all authorities and private individuals. We will ensure for you:

Territorial decision

Building permission or Announcement of construction

Operating decision

Assignment of register number and registration in the cadastre

Of course, we obtain all statements, decisions or permits for these decisions from electricity supplier, water companies, gas companies, telecommunications companies, police officers, firefighters, office of hygiene, owners of neighbouring plots or any other authorities, depending on the needs of your building. We also provide complete communication with Building authorities.

If for construction it is necessary to contractually adjust the rights to neighbouring plots, for example to pass through a neighbouring plot or to place energy network connections on an neighbouring plot, we will carry out all these activities for you.

Even before the actual construction or purchase of land, we will review the construction possibilities on a specific plot, whether it is possible to build what you want to build on the given plot; whether it is possible to connect the building to the necessary networks (water, electricity, gas) and what kind of access to the parcel in question there is (public road or is access also required through other plots).

Based on our experience, we know where to go, what documents to get and manage the whole thing so that you get the necessary decisions and permits as quickly as possible.

We will shorten the time until the start of construction, save you money and you personally do not have to go to all the authorities and spend hours of waiting.

If you are interested in building, renovating, added store or extension of:

Family house

Flat house

Warehouses, Offices, Shops or other non-residental spaces

Engineering networks

The entire construction of the development project

Or any other construction

Contact us on phone number: +421 (0) 908 466 613 or via e-mail:

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