Founder of AREOS, s.r.o. has been dealing with real estate since 2013. His services were used by international corporations, various investors, but also by families during the construction of their houses.

He represented sellers, buyers or building owners when renting their premises. They also represented tenants who were looking for premises for business activity or housing.

Our Developmental approvals, i.e. obtaining permits for construction, was for buildings with offices, clinics, various properties in transport, but also family houses.

Our activity is thus based on many years of experience.

When working for clients, we are efficient, precise, have clear and comprehensible communication for all parties and adapt to the needs of the client.

In order to maintain the quality of our services as a company, we constantly improve, by learning or using new technologies. We have valuable relationships with clients that are built on mutual satisfaction and reliability. Thanks to this, our clients often return for further cooperation.

Why choose us?

"The decision for a specific company that will obtain permits for the construction of a house or find you a new home is determined by the quality of services, recommendations or sympathy. We believe that all our clients are satisfied. The satisfaction of our clients is also evidenced by the fact, that we provide services to some of our clients for a long time or they even recommend us to their friends.

Long-term cooperation or recommendations are only possible if the clients are satisfied."

The quality of our services is also evidenced by the fact that people like to contact us again or recommend us to their friends.


Refer us and get rewarded

It is enough if you know someone who either wants to sell or, on the contrary, buy real estate, and you recommend us. If, based on your recommendation, a reward is paid to us, €300 of our reward is yours.
Contact us on +421 (0) 908 466 613 or

The person to whom you recommended us will only provide your contacts and after contacting you, we will send you the given €300.

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